Vestas Sailrocket Mk.II (VSR2) Review

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Vestas Sailrocket Mk.II (VSR2) Review

Postby Harry » Tue Dec 25, 2012 8:39 am

Vestas Sailrocket Mk.II (VSR2) Review

Vestas Sailrocket Mk.II (VSR2) Review

If you’re into speedboats or sailing, a new sailing boat has been created called the Vestas Sailrocket Mk.II (VSR2). What makes this particular boat so special is that it boasts a capability of reaching up to 60mph on water simply by relying on wind for propulsion.

This is achieved through its design that allows the craft to lift itself out of the water and touch it by a couple of fins. What this does is that it helps to reduce drag, thus allowing the craft to travel faster. Its use of ventilated foils are also believed to help allow boats to exceed previous limitations imposed by “cavitation”, a phenomenon caused when liquid is subjected to rapid changes in pressure, ultimately resulting in increased drag and loss of stability.
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