Tips to Protect from Stomach Ache

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Tips to Protect from Stomach Ache

Postby Meg Ryan » Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:04 am

Tips to Protect from Stomach Ache

Causes of Stomach Ache: Wound in the Liver

Amoeba foreign bodies and hydride yeast cause pain in the upper right side and middle part of the stomach. This pain gradually passes on to the right side of the chest and shoulders.

Swelling of the liver is also caused due to the infection of hepatitis virus. This causes pain in the upper right side of the stomach and jaundice. Along with these symptoms the patient gets mild fever, loss of appetite, yellow urine and other related problems.

Ayurvedic medicines can cure the patients completely. Practice of yog asana will make the person completely healthy. Stop eating non-vegetarian food and stop consumption of liquor to protect from liver diseases because the main cause of 90 per cent of the stomach related problems is liquor and meat.

Causes of Stomach Ache: Tips to Protect from Stomach Ache

The majority of stomach problems are caused due to infection from amoeba foreign bodies and worms. If you drink clean and fresh water, food and liquids, follow all the rules of cleanliness, and take a balanced diet of nutritious food then you protect yourself from most of the stomach related diseases. Tuberculosis of the intestine and ulcer are caused due to drinking raw or improperly boiled milk. Always boil the milk properly before consuming it in any form. Do not consume paan masala , gutkha (tobacco), high fatty food, oil, sour, or spicy food. Quit smoking and stop drinking alcohol. Eat pure vegetarian food instead of meat. One of the main reason for constipation, dysentery and acidity is stress. Protect yourself from stress under all circumstances. Keep your mind cool and drain out unnecessary tensions.
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