Poetry Generation Gap

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Poetry Generation Gap

Postby Hamza » Mon Mar 04, 2013 1:45 pm

Generation Gap
Poetry Generation Gap
For Once, I Write About An Issue Of Concern
That Exists Without Any Rhyme Or Reason.
Since It Is Something That Concerns Our Generation
It Is Like A Gap That Causes, Amongst Us, Frustration.
Poetry Generation Gap
In Some Ways, With Our Folks, We Don’t Seem To Agree
And Eye In Eye, Just We Cannot Think, At All, To See.
We Think It’s In The Present That We Are To Belong
And Hence Our People Think Something That’s Wrong.
Poetry Generation Gap
Best Of Our Ways We Use, To Them, To Try And Explain
And Sometimes All These Efforts Would End Up In Vain.
Apparently, Somethings Our Folks Aren’t Keen To Learn
As Its Not For Them, From Us, To Tell Them To Unlearn.
Poetry Generation Gap
Regarding Money, They Feel That We Must Be Some Sage
Who, After Its Been Earned, Within Limits, Has To See To Its Manage.
All This Gyan Especially We Have To Hear Their Say
When We Are Staying With Them At Home Or On A Holiday .
Poetry Generation Gap
All These Things And More, We Have To Endure
As The Escape Route, One Isn’t Really Sure.
Especially When We Get Home, From A Party, Late
And If We Escape Scolding’s, Its Only Due To Good Fate.
Poetry Generation Gap
Worst Is When They Begin To Assume That Their Child
Has Turned Out To Be A Spoilt Brat As Well As Wild.
Just Because In Their Youth They Had To Unfortunately Suffer
Grounding The Child Is The Best, They Feel, For Him Or Her.
Poetry Generation Gap
It Will Be Some Sort Of Everyone’s Benediction
That One Day Will Come To This, Some Sort Of Solution
So That It Will Assure Our Kids, About This, We Tell
And In A Proper Way We Can Bring Up Them Well.
Poetry Generation Gap
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