How to Promote Your Referral Links?

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How to Promote Your Referral Links?

Postby Rambo » Thu Sep 13, 2012 3:35 am

How to Promote Your Referral Links?

If you have referral links to survey sites, online programs, affiliate links, even articles you would like to promote, follow just a few of these steps and your sure to see an increase!

Arrow Blog about it!

If you are a blogger, then this is the number one way to get referrals! Write a short blog post and include your referral links within the post.

Arrow Social Networks

Social networking has become quite the craze and a great way to advertise too! Place your referral links on Twitter, Twittermoms, Facebook, MySpace, etc. Also, keep in mind that a lot of your referral programs also are a part of some Social Site as well. An example would be Swagbucks. They are on facebook and they get users who leave messages on their page so you can leave a referral link for new referrals!

Arrow Online Communities/ Web Forums

Most sites have online communities that you can engage in and leave your links. Keep your referral links within your niche on these communities for best results. Take my Swagbucks referral link for example, I would go to a freebie forum to post my URL since you can earn free gifts with Swagbucks. I wouldn't place my link on a music forum. Makes sense?

Arrow Email Signature

Include your links at the bottom of your emails.

Arrow Exchange Links

Offer to exchange referral links with your online friends! There are also websites where you can post and exchange links 1 for 1.
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